Welcome to Sapphire Social Club...


The Sapphire Social Club is a friendly and welcoming group for the unattached. In the main our members tend to be 50+ but we have no age restrictions and warmly welcome potential members of all ages.

Briefly, we regrouped as Sapphire in 2012 when Nexus, the singles group many of us were members of went into administration.  We now have a membership of sixty one, we meet weekly and offer new members the opportunity to meet new friends and improve their social life.
Many good friendships have been forged over the years, some of those who have moved away or are no longer members remain in touch.
Our claim is that we are a Social Group rather than a Dating Agency but several relationships have been formed as a result of joining the group and we do now have a number of couples.  We do not have an exclusion policy in this event so these friends are encouraged and welcome to remain as members.
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Throughout the year we host a variety of events, all organised by our members and include outings such as . . .
  • Meals at local restaurants (from English Pub Dining to European and Asian)
  • House Parties
  • Barbecues
  • Quiz Nights
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Theatre Visits
  • Country Walks
  • Short Coach Holidays       (see our 'upcoming events' page . .)
We meet weekly at The Orange Tree Public House Hitchin.  Potential new members are always welcome and are able to see what events are forthcoming and can join us on any of these events for up to two months before applying for membership - it generally takes a few visits to get to know us. 

 Our monthly bar meal is held on the first Thursday of the month meeting at 8:00pm.  If you can't make that, why not join us for our regular bar nights, any Thursday at 8.30pm. 
You will be most welcome and if you prefer there is always someone available to meet you outside the pub or just ask the bar staff where we are.